Hi, I'm Jacob Andreae

Writer and Speaker

As a little kid, I wanted to know how things worked. I was most interested in life - how living things functioned.

As I became older, I became more interested in the human mind and body. I wanted to know how it all worked and how it could function at it's optimal.

My passion for the brain and body led me to the mind and body. When I realised I wanted to be my own boss, I turned that passion into a blog and that blog into a lifestyle.

Now I consult, coach, teach, lecture and speak on how to achieve optimal performance of the mind and body.

I'm a movement specialist, known for my ability to break down movement and prescribe specific exercises appropriate to one's level of competence. Physical literacy is the same as written, read, heard and spoken literacy. You wouldn't expect a student to read a novel without first learning the alphabet.

I love movement patterns and that includes teaching people how to run optimally. I often get asked for advice on fitness, nutrition and mindset and regularly present across a range of traditional and online media.

I love helping people. This just happens to be the best way I know how. 

My Qualifications

  1. Bachelor Sport & Exercise Science
  2. Bachelor Teaching
  3. Graduate Diploma Psychology
  4. Certificate 4 Fitness
Hi, I'm Jacob Andreae

What I do

I help people achieve their Health & Fitness goals from a foundation in Psychology. 

I write a Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset blog each week, which you can subscribe to on the homepage of this website. 

I make videos teaching people how to eat healthy and exercise right using YouTube, Facebook & Instagram. You can view those videos by following me on those social platforms. (You can find those links on the homepage)

I am a former physical literacy consultant and physical development coach at the Northern Territory Institute of Sport.

I am also a former lecturer in Health & Physical Education at Charles Darwin University.

Why I'm passionate about what I do

I love being a part of one person's, a group's, or a whole team's journey towards success -- whatever that might mean to that person, group or team. 

There's not anything too much more fulfilling than helping someone achieve their dreams. 

If there is, it's living life according to what you value most. I value my family and my health first and foremost. I love that I can live my life according to those values.

I believe everyone should be active in a way that they consider to be fun, each and every day. 

I believe that the key to health for us as a society is ditching the packets for plants, sugar for fat and inhumanely farmed meat for humanely farmed meat...because the food we eat becomes us.