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6 Inexpensive Ways to Enhance Your Relationship

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Last year I wrote an article about how to save your relationship. It was written towards the end of a very tumultuous time in my life, and as such, had a pretty serious tone to it. But it was one of the most popular articles I have ever written. So to celebrate article #150, I’m going back to that topic. This time from a light-hearted and fun approach.

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, you would definitely know that Holly and I finally tied the knot on the 9th of June — 10 years and 10 days to the day we met. However, throughout the entire 2017, our relationship hit rock bottom and very nearly ended.

Your relationship with your significant other is probably the most important relationship you will ever have. 

After nearly a decade together, we had lost our way as a couple. I was taking what I had for granted to focus on other areas of my life. But in fact, it was what I had in Holly that even allowed me to do the other things in the first place.

After getting probably the most important wake-up call of my life, I began to stop and smell the roses, taking time to appreciate the simple things (and the most important things) in my life. In the beginning, it did take some effort because it was a different pattern of behaviour to what I’d become accustomed to. I started showing Holly love again in the ways that were meaningful to her. But regardless of what her primary languages of love were, all could be expressed inexpensively.

So if you’d like to enhance your relationship with probably the most important person in your life, here’s 6 inexpensive ways.

6 Inexpensive Ways to Enhance Your Relationship

  1. Lay outside and stare at the sky
    One of the simplest ways to enhance your relationship with your significant other is to just spend time with them and do NOTHING! Sit in a hammock together or at a table and gaze at the sky. You don’t even need to say anything, just be together. I heard a saying recently that on a clear day you can see about 4 miles into the horizon, but on a clear night you can see light years away. BOOM! Use that next time you’re gazing at the stars together.
  2. Take a local holiday
    It may not be as glamorous as a trip to Hawaii or the Swiss Alps, but why not take a holiday in your home town? We’ve all heard about exploring our own backyard and taking a CityScape; but that still suggests paying for accommodation. This article is about inexpensive ways. So what about house swapping with a friend?! You and your family stay in their house for a week and their family stays in your house for a week. The change in scenery and routines may be as good as a holiday. Or even better, go back to the good ol’ days of a sleep over. You host your friends for a weekend and then they host your family for a weekend.
  3. Do a date night
    Again, the notion of a date night invites thoughts of expensive dinners and $15 cocktails. Pack a picnic or get fish and chips and go down to the local park or beach. Fish and chips every now and then isn’t bad. Not in my opinion anyway. I love hot chips!
  4. Eat exotic in an exotic location
    Find a part of town you may not have been to for a long time — or ever! Think of places like the Chinese garden at your local university campus. Have fun trying to cook up an exotic dish for the first time using spices such as turmeric or cayenne pepper; then take it to your exotic location and enjoy your exotic dish together. In addition to enhancing your relationship, you’ll be getting all the health benefits of those spices too.
  5. Surprise your lover
    My wife Holly (yes, it’s still weird saying wife! 😆) is a Tupperware manager and the motto of the company at the moment seems to be surprise and delight. After attending a recent seminar with her where everything was about surprise and delight, we started doing it ourselves. It’s fun to think of new ways you can surprise your lover. We would just send messages, do a chore that the other one would normally do; Holly even made me a little book of drawings depicting what she loved about me. (I still need to up my game obviously!)
  6. Role play
    Seriously one of the most fun ways to spice up and enhance your relationship. If you need to, talk about what this means for you both and make a plan. Create rules and structure it as necessary, but spontaneous role play is the best! Go to a bar and pretend to meet for the first time. Just see where the situation takes you 😉

Your relationship with your significant other is probably the most important relationship you will ever have. You were born to your parents and your children were born to you. But you chose your lover. Both my grandparents were married until death did them part after more than 60 years of marriage. The thing I learned from them was that you must be patient and you must respect the other person for who they are. If you can do that, and you’re willing to have fun and spend time together, you’re on a winner!

What are your favourite ways to spend time with your significant other?

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