Posted on 24 February, 2020

Blog #200! 🎉 The Queen and Elton John Concerts

By Jacob Andreae in Celebration, Lifestyle, Performance, Personal Blog #200! 🎉 The Queen and Elton John Concerts

This is blog article 200! So to celebrate, this week I’m going to deviate away from health and fitness for a moment, to share an incredible experience I had this weekend.

This last weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to experience world-wide legends who will go down in history as some of the greatest in their time — Queen and Elton John.

It’s only human to want to compare these acts, and this is a question I’ve been asked a lot since. What was it like? Who was better?

First of all, both were incredible!

But it’s hard to compare Queen to Elton. They are both different acts. Elton sings a lot more pop, soul, ballad-style music, while Queen obviously play a lot more rock. And it’s this upbeat rock music that really gets your heart rate up and serotonin pumping around your body.

The other major difference is that sadly, lead singer Freddie Mercury is no longer with us. And so people didn’t really know what to expect with new frontman, Adam Lambert.

So when he came out and owned the stage in all of his costumes, as well as made tribute to the “irreplaceable” Freddie (his words), I think that won everyone over.

Plus, when Freddie made his own appearance on stage, I think that got the endorphins rushing and tears flowing of the 30,000-strong crowd from 80-somethings to teens.

In the lead up, I was worried that I would be disappointed in the Queen concert because I’d be so used to hearing Freddie’s voice signing that, hearing another voice, I’d be disappointed. So I listened to lots of YouTube videos of Queen concerts with Adam Lambert signing (he’s been with the band for 8 years now). And let me tell you; he did not disappoint!

While Adam is not Freddie, and he made mention of this, which I thought was brilliant on his part, he owned the stage and made it his own. He is incredible on stage and no YouTube videos do him justice to how good he is live.

Both acts were so amazing. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to witness them both, especially Elton John’s final tour.

Blog #200! 🎉 The Queen and Elton John Concerts

One of the aspects I loved most about Elton’s concert was the conversation he had between every few songs. He explained the story behind songs and his personal experiences with iconic individuals such as lyricist, Bernie Taupin. It really felt like he was having a conversation with just you.

He explained that he didn’t have a family ten years ago, but now he does. Now, he needs to spend time with them and they need to spend time with him. He will never give up music, but 2021 will be the final time he tours. He said spending time with his family is how he would like to spend this last part of his life.

I recorded a lot of both concerts. Not all. They both went for over two hours. I wanted to be present as much as possible and enjoy the moment. But I also wanted to get something to remember them by and share with my family and friends. So here’s about thirty minutes of each. I hope you enjoy!


Elton John

To top off our trip to Melbourne, we discovered we were staying just about 100m from the Regent Theatre where Billy Elliot the Musical was playing. Our 3-day trip to Melbourne really felt like we nipped over to England for 3 days. Billy Elliot was amazing! From my human movement perspective, the dancing was incredible, especially that of the kids. The quality of dancing and acting was outstanding.

My experience getting to see Queen, Elton John and Billy Elliot live was one that I am so grateful for and will cherish. If you have the opportunity to attend any of these events, please do yourself a favour and do so. You will love it!

Have you seen Queen or Elton John perform live? If so, tell me about your experience.

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