Posted on 25 December, 2017

Christmas is Done. What Now for Your Health Habits?

By Jacob Andreae in Celebration, Family, Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition Christmas is Done. What Now for Your Health Habits?

So Christmas is all done and dusted for yet another year. But you fell off track and enjoyed yourself just a little too much. And now you’re not only feeling bloated and 2kgs heavier, but you’re also feeling disappointed and angry with yourself for giving in to all that yummy temptation.

If you’ve been following my blogs for a while you’ll have picked up on the theme that I believe it’s important to make small changes to your health routines rather than big ones, and to let yourself enjoy less healthy foods as part of your lifestyle on a small but regular basis.

Let me tell you. I ate more. I drank more. And I loved every minute of it!

Christmas is a time when on average, Australians put on 2kgs. I’ve heard other fitness professionals speak about this like it’s the worst thing. And all I believe that does is discourage people and make them feel like a failure.

Let me tell you. I ate more. I drank more. And I loved every minute of it! But I continued to eat the way that I know my body responds well to. I continued to fast until lunchtime. And after that I ate prawns, ham and loads of yummy salads. Istaying away from wheat because I know how that makes me feel. I enjoyed a few glasses of my favourite port, Galway Pipe, and even a few glasses of Bailey’s on ice - but not too many - I can feel the fat accumulating with every sip when I drink that yummy drink.

So Christmas is about enjoying good food with good people and having a good time. If that wasn’t you. If you ate too much of the foods that don’t serve you well or too many alcoholic or sugary beverages that have left you feeling a bit worse for wear, don’t sweat it too much. Put that one in the bank as a time you enjoyed and start again today. 

But the festive season isn’t just one day. It’s weeks. So if you’ve been working hard for the last few months to exercise regularly and eat right, but are feeling down on yourself for not sticking to it for a day, or even a few weeks, as you’ve negotiated the work Christmas parties and family gatherings, cut yourself some slack and remind yourself of what good you have done. Enjoy this period. You deserve it. But enjoy it sensibly.

As you move through the rest of this festive season and help consume all the leftovers, consider what foods you put on your plate. Choose foods that taste yum but will also serve you well. And when it comes to those drinks, go enjoy them. But know your drink number and stick to it. Enjoy a couple of glasses at lunch and take a break. Then enjoy a few more at dinner and know when to stop.

If you’ve just made it through Christmas and are feeling disappointed for not staying on track with your healthy routines, just start again. Every day, start again.

Question: How did you spend Christmas day? 

Leave your answer to this question and any questions or comments you may have in the comments section below.

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