Posted on 06 May, 2019

[Guest Appearance] Ready.Aim.Empire! Podcast - Movement Methodologies: Part A

By Jacob Andreae in Exercise, Interview, How-to, Fitness, Podcast, Sports [Guest Appearance] Ready.Aim.Empire! Podcast - Movement Methodologies: Part A

Did you know that all human movement can be broken down into 7 fundamental movements? And if you were to create a range of exercises that progress you from the most basic version to the most complex, you’d come up with over 250 exercises — all without ever need any equipment. That’s what I talked about on Lise Kuecker’s podcast recently.

I met Lise at a workshop in Laguna back in 2015, along with her husband Dan. I’ve kept in touch with the two of them and now, Lise and her team have become my personal coaches. I was interviewed as a guest on Lise’s podcast, Ready.Aim.Empire, back in 2018. From that discussion, Lise asked me to record two more episodes on two of my most favourite topics — movement and mindset.

Yoga is a movement system. Pilates is a movement system. This is a movement system — and I call it JAND.

And now… here is the first: 6 Movement Methodologies that Every Studio Owner Needs to Know. This episode is broken up into two parts to make it more easily digestible.

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In Part A, you’ll learn:

  • The six fundamental movements and why they are so important
  • Why children don’t learn to move properly anymore
  • Techniques and ways to externalise the cue and why this is so effective
  • Building the fundamentals, step-by-step.

If you have a chronic shoulder injury, constant back pain, knee problems that won’t let up, or just want to learn how to get fit without all that rah-rah-rah style of exercise, you absolutely MUST listen to this episode!

What were your top 3 takeaways from this episode?

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About Jacob Andreae

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