Posted on 29 October, 2018

How Much Should I Eat Before a Workout?

By Jacob Andreae in Health, Exercise, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Fitness How Much Should I Eat Before a Workout?

Many of the healthy eating guidelines we grew up with are slowly going by the wayside. From eating three meals a day to consuming a diet of mostly grains, as new research arises, we are starting to eat differently. Although much of these recommendations still persist, many people are experiencing greater health from turning their back on these guidelines.

I’m one who followed these old healthy eating guidelines for much of my adolescent sporting life. However, I was constantly tired and my weight would fluctuate depending on how much training I was doing. When I changed what and how I ate, all this went away.

When you eat nutritious foods, you don’t need to eat as much, or as often.

In 2014, I got real sick. I went to see a naturopath after seeing several doctors. The naturopath suggested I give up gluten and this was the beginning of this whole new way of eating for me. My diet went from the usual high proportion of grains; with some vegetables, lean meats, fruits and dairy, to primarily consist of vegetables and lean meats.

Continuing to research nutrition, I discovered fasting and started reading all the research about its benefits. Because of the nutritious food I was now eating, going without breakfast and fasting for 16 hours a day wasn’t all that difficult. When you eat nutritious foods, you don’t need to eat as much, or as often. This changed my entire take on what I should eat before a workout.

Now, I simply eat a meal at lunch and dinner, with a snack for afternoon tea. My “breakfast” at lunchtime is usually a typical breakfast dish such as an omelette or smoothie, or leftovers from dinner the night before. My dinner usually consists of some type of protein (pork, lamb, chicken and fish usually) with steamed veggies. Afternoon tea is often cheese or dip and crackers.

By eating these foods, I no longer need to worry about how much I should eat before a workout, and I don’t concern myself with what to eat pre and post workout. I’ve got more energy than I’ve ever had before, my weight doesn’t fluctuate anymore and I’m fitter than I’ve ever been!

Supplements are something you add to your diet to complete or enhance it. If you eat nutritious foods on a regular basis, you certainly don’t need any supplements to complete your diet. And if you want to enhance your diet, eat more of these whole, clean foods.

How could you modify your diet?

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