Posted on 09 April, 2018

How to Develop Motivation

By Jacob Andreae in Change, Mindset, Numbered, Personal Development How to Develop Motivation

Developing motivation can be a tricky and complex process… if you don’t know how to do it. And like I always say, everything comes down to having a series of frameworks that operate within a system. With an effective system, it’s actually really easy.

I’ve spent years researching, putting into practice, tweaking, modifying and implementing strategies to develop motivation. Some of that has cost a lot of money and most of it has cost a lot of time. But I’m obsessed. It’s one of the areas of psychology that intrigues me the most. One of my favourite classes in my psychology course at university was titled, “Learning and Motivation”.

Developing motivation is like the score in a game of sport. If your team is behind, worrying about what’s on the scoreboard is not going to do anything. 

Combining my love of fitness and psychology has been very well received. There’s so much demand for the knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated. The three characteristics I hear people say they struggle with the most are:

  • Commitment
  • Discipline
  • Motivation

That’s fair enough. Those three characteristics are quite difficult to create. That’s because they are a characteristic and not a specific behaviour. In order to develop them (such as in the area of exercise, or eating healthy), you need you modify certain behaviours within them. These behaviours develop them. Commitment, discipline and motivation are the result of those specific behaviours.

How to Develop Commitment, Discipline and Motivation

  1. Decide what it is you want
    I’m going to use the example of fitting into the next clothing size down.
  2. Set your goals
    But don’t just set SMART goals. They’re just a fancy checklist for whether your goals are well written or not. You can have the best written goal in the world. Doesn’t mean you’ll achieve your goal. You need a strategy. A strategy to get you from A to Z.
  3. Connect with your deep purpose
    Why do you want to achieve this goal?… I mean, really achieve this goal? Most goal setting is done analytically. It’s all with the head. You MUST connect emotionally as well. I call this part of the process, “connecting your head with your heart”.
  4. Discover where the pleasure becomes painful
    At a fundamental level we are all designed to move towards pleasure and away from pain. But sometimes (quite a lot actually) the behaviours that move us towards our goals can be painful. That’s because they require a different pattern of behaviour to what we’re used to. It’s important to consider the future when the present becomes painful. Do this by asking:

    What will happen when you achieve it?

    What won’t happen when you achieve it?

    What will happen if you don’t achieve it?

    What won’t happen if you don’t achieve it?
  5. Visualise 
    Visualisation is so super important to success. It gives you the feeling of having been there before; of having familiarity. And confidence evolves out of familiarity. Think of it this way, you’re more confident in a situation that you’re familiar with, aren’t you? Plus, your subconscious mind works through images. Think of a blue tree. I bet you just ‘saw’ a blue tree in your mind ;-) When your subconscious mind can ‘see’ what you want, it can make it happen.

In summary, I love this! I could talk about it all day and night. Developing motivation is like the score in a game of sport. If your team is behind, worrying about what’s on the scoreboard is not going to do anything. This is like worrying about your commitment, discipline and motivation. All you can do is stick to the game plan. Carry out the behaviours that you know will put results on the scoreboard. The scoreboard is merely a reflection of your behaviours moment to moment.

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