Posted on 08 May, 2017

How to Make Time for Regular Exercise

By Jacob Andreae in Exercise, Family, Lifestyle How to Make Time for Regular Exercise

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Do you actually want to workout? Do you have time to workout? Why do you want to workout? Making time to workout is likely the biggest obstacle in working out. However, you don’t even really need to make time for it.

If you like dancing, put on some energetic music and dance to it.

I like to workout. Not in a gym. I don’t like gyms. I don’t like sharing equipment and I feel uncomfortable around other people — like they’re watching me. If I’m working out, I like to go to the pool, run along the foreshore, or ride through some dirt trails. Even then, I seem to struggle with staying on track when I schedule time for it.

Unless you’re a competitive athlete, you don’t need to workout a certain number of times a week, at certain times of the day, completing certain types of workouts. You simply need to be active. The best workouts for the everyday person who just want to be healthy are physical activities they enjoy.  

How to Make Time for Regular Exercise

  • Find the type of exercise you enjoy and do more of it
    If you like dancing, put on some energetic music and dance to it. If you like to run, run. If you like to ride, ride. If you like to paddle, go buy, hire or borrow a craft and paddle. You can schedule time for this specifically or you can allocate an hour of your day to doing something outdoors or active on your own, with some friends, or with your kids.
  • If you have children, include them
    Including your children in your exercise is beneficial in many ways. Firstly, you are role modelling very valuable behaviour, encouraging your children to enjoy being active and healthy. Secondly, you are creating positive routines and habits around physical activity for the future. Thirdly, this is a great opportunity to spend time and bond with your children, creating memories they will keep forever.
  • Be realistic about intensity
    Exercise, especially that with your children, doesn’t have to be a high intensity strength workout in your backyard or a structured swim session. Exercise could be simply walking to the park, riding your bikes or joining a surf lifesaving club — a sport you can all do together. The best exercise in fact, is that in which is incidental.
  • Look for opportunities to move more
    The best way to be fit and healthy is to move more right throughout the day. When you wake up, do a stretch. When you’re at your desk, stand up and do 10 squats. When you go to lunch, choose a cafe you can walk to. When you’re cooking dinner, do some push ups against the bench. Put on some music and dance with your kids.

All the activities I’ve listed can be done every day. They can be easily incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Asking the question of how often should I workout then becomes invalid. You should be working out most days. But working out by being physically active and doing things you enjoy. Then, if you’re not active one day, don’t worry. Enjoy it.

What activities do you enjoy?

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