Posted on 07 September, 2017

MYB 003: Intermittent Fasting with Adam Martin

By Jacob Andreae in Podcast MYB 003: Intermittent Fasting with Adam Martin

Adam Martin is an exercise physiologist more commonly known today as "The No Breakfast Guy". He has helped thousands of people rebound from injuries in his 10+ years running TrewExPhys - an exercise physiology clinic in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired to help his mother and sister with their ever-increasing weight loss issues, Adam undertook seven diets in seven weeks and came across intermittent fasting. This changed his life, as well as the life of his family and his clients. Adam is the author of "Start Late Stay Light", a comprehensive book about intermittent fasting. Adam has kindly offered to give a free ebook version of this book to all The Mind Your Body Podcast listeners. Simply email Adam at [email protected]

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In this episode you'll learn:

  • About Adam and his family's move to Southern France
  • How and why he got into the online fitness industry
  • His experiences as a first-time parent
  • His experience at the 2017 Tour de France
  • How to increase your Instagram following
  • His true and honest thoughts about multi level marketing companies in the health industry 
  • The mistakes many health professional make
  • What it takes to write a book
  • How to start intermittent fasting
  • What to expect from fasting.

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Adam was kind enough to offer his ebook, "Start Late Stay Light", to all The Mind Your Body Podcast listeners. Simply email Adam to request your copy and reference The Mind Your Body Podcast.   

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About Jacob Andreae

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MYB 003: Intermittent Fasting with Adam MartinA quick start guide to losing weight and staying on track. Learn the strategies I use to eat and move for optimal health. Includes worksheets to enhance your motivation, commitment and discipline, along with a sample eating plan and exercise program.