Posted on 26 November, 2017

MYB 021: Michael Maclean | Brothers in Arms

By Jacob Andreae in Interview, Family, Leadership, Mindset, Personal Development, Podcast, Sports MYB 021: Michael Maclean | Brothers in Arms

In the fourth of this 4-part series on Men's Health for Movember 2017, I spoke with mentor, teacher and coach, Michael Maclean. Michael grew up in Darwin and moved to Melbourne in his teenage years to play professional basketball with the Melbourne Tigers. After moving back to Darwin, Michael pursued his other sporting love -- rugby league. He eventually made the inevitable transition from playing to coaching and has since pursued other sporting challenges such as running the New York marathon. I've known Michael for a very long time and he is a phenomenal leader who is passionate about helping people live a better life. 

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In this episode you'll learn:

  • The advice Michael gave me about being a step-father and becoming a biological-father for the first time
  • Michael's move as a teenager to Melbourne to play basketball with the Melbourne Tigers
  • His experience representing the Australian Affiliated States in rugby league
  • What Michael considers harder - basketball, rugby or running a marathon
  • The story behind the natural disaster that cancelled his first attempt at running the NY marathon (after he arrived)
  • How to train for a marathon
  • His daily training regime in preparation for a marathon
  • The difference in qualifying standards for the NY and Boston marathon
  • The story of the red couch
  • How his "dream" job wasn't really his dream job
  • Why he started his business LVN Sport NT and what he does with it
  • Why he's so passionate about working in the juvenile justice system 
  • The story behind starting Brothers in Arms and the confronting stuff they do
  • Better questions to ask people
  • The value of retail experience in the mental health space

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