Posted on 03 July, 2017

The Benefits of Online Personal Training

By Jacob Andreae in Change, Exercise, Fitness, Health The Benefits of Online Personal Training

I hate personal training. It’s so time consuming, hard-work, and draining. And from the clients point of view; it’s so bloody expensive.

I discovered [online personal training is] cheaper, easier and more rewarding... 

It’s a win-win for both parties.

I stopped taking personal training clients a few years back. I didn’t see it as sustainable and I had much more fun with my groups. But then I got a few career opportunities and I cancelled my group fitness classes.

All the while I was writing a weekly blog on fitness, nutrition and mindset. I started building an online following and a funny thing happened. People started asking me about online personal training.

I resisted the trend for some time but slowly I began warming to the idea. And I’m glad I did. I not only realised I absolutely loved it; but my clients did too. I discovered it’s cheaper, easier and more rewarding.

Online personal training has many benefits over traditional in-person personal training. It’s a win-win for both parties.

The Benefits of Online Personal Training


Overall, online personal training is much cheaper than in-person personal training. I’m not exactly sure what others charge but I charge $50 a week. I’ve been told that’s cheap but I’ve heard that about many of my products and services. I’m in a fortunate position that I have several streams of income, including employment in lecturing and coaching, so I can afford to charge a reasonable price.


One of the issues with in-person personal training is that both the trainer and the client have to find an ongoing mutually agreeable time to train. With the ever increasing demands of our lives, trying to marry schedules can be really difficult. Add to that the pressures and spontaneous changes within any given day and it becomes nearly impossible.


When you hire a personal trainer to train you in-person, you usually only get access to the trainer for the hour while they’re training you. If you’re really lucky they might devote some extra time at the end of a session to answer any questions you have but you certainly don’t get access to them whenever you want. With online personal training; I’m not sure about others, but certainly in my case; you get much more access to your trainer.

More effective

Despite a personal trainers best intentions to up-skill you in health and fitness so that you can sustainably stay fit and healthy long beyond those PT hours, it rarely happens. Online personal training encourages you, as the saying goes, to “learn how to fish” because you have to interpret what your online personal trainer has programmed, understand it and implement it. Of course, a good online personal trainer will take the time to explain everything. Going through this process and providing you with the autonomy to train on your own or with a friend, better gives you sustainability in the future. It also much more effectively develops your commitment and discipline to exercise and healthy eating.

Access to the world’s best

Before online personal training became a thing, you were restricted to the personal trainers in your local area. If you were lucky you had a knowledgeable and communicable PT in your area. In some of the stories I’ve heard, this was rarely the case. Finding a good PT was a matter of luck. With the internet, you can now scour the world looking for the best online personal trainers out there. Find one who you connect with, is knowledgeable, suits your needs, and for the price you’re willing to pay.

It seems to me that online personal training is a much more cost and time-effective way to train both for the personal trainer and the client. In addition, you generally get more contact with your trainer than you otherwise would, it’s more effective in the long-run and you have access to choose from a whole host of the worlds best trainers.

If I fit that mould for you and you want me to be your online personal trainer, click here to sign up. If you’ve got questions for me about my online personal training program and how I can help you specifically, send me an email to [email protected]The Benefits of Online Personal Training

The Benefits of Online Personal Training

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