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The Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss

By Jacob Andreae in Lifestyle, Health, Nutrition The Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss

“Win the morning, seize the day” as the old saying goes. Starting your day well helps you to have a great day. And with food playing such a pivotal role in your energy and how you feel, your first meal of the day can set your day up for success, or plunge you into a downward spiral.

For the last 12 months, I haven’t been eating breakfast. I know. Sounds crazy, right?! Here’s an article about the best breakfasts and I’m starting by saying that I don’t eat breakfast. But breakfast is just that, “break—fast”, as in, breaking your fast. That doesn’t have to occur at 7am. It can happen at anytime. So regardless of what time you eat it, here are the best breakfasts for weight loss (and health in general).

The Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss


Eggs are a good source of protein, which is used to build body tissue. But protein also helps to fill you up, reducing the desire to eat more. The best thing about an omelette though is that it’s a fantastic way to add some vegetables to your day, especially at breakfast time, which is traditionally not a meal associated with eating vegetables.

Here’s one of my most simple recipes, and one of my favourites too...

The Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss


Similar to an omelette, just cooked in a different way for a different flavour, texture and experience, frittatas are a great breakfast option for weight loss. In addition to the benefits of egg listed above, eggs are also a fantastic source of selenium, the vitamins B2, D, B6, B12, as well as the minerals zinc, iron and copper.

Here’s a yummy one to try...

The Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss


The first two options typically take a bit longer to prepare and cook. Smoothies, while still taking a bit more time to prepare than pouring cereal into a bowl of milk, present a great opportunity to get a heap of vitamins and minerals into your body through nutrient-dense ingredients such as fruit. In my opinion, fruits are made for smoothies, especially those rich in antioxidants such as blueberries and raspberries.

Here’s a visually stunning, and equally delicious recipe...

The Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss

Of course, you can use vegetables in your smoothie too, especially if you're short for time, but here’s a better way to get veggies into your smoothie…

Smoothie Bowl

If smoothies lend themselves to fruit, smoothie bowls lend themselves to vegetables. Smoothie bowls need to be thicker than a smoothie because you’re “eating” it as opposed to “drinking” it. And for this reason, vegetables are more effective in a smoothie bowl because they typically are more structurally complex. Use coconut cream, oats and a higher proportion of ingredients such as chia seeds and crushed almonds to help thicken a smoothie bowl up.

Here’s one that reminds me of my grandparents Christmas pudding...

The Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss


Don’t read this and say to yourself, “Oh, salad! 😒” There are many different ways to dress up a salad so that it not only looks appealing, but tastes delicious as well. I believe the key is in the dressing. Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. For a quick and tasty option, just drizzle some olive oil over your salad to “taste it up”. But there are many other ways to prepare a salad so that it looks and tastes amazing.

Here’s an example..

The Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss

Let’s not stop there. There are many ways to eat healthy, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Here’s one more (that might appear “naughty”) option.


Commonly considered as less-than-healthy, pancakes can be made healthy by changing what you put into them and onto them. Swapping regular flour for coconut or almond flour makes an immediate difference because they are lower in their GI, meaning they are absorbed into the bloodstream more slowly and steadily, which is better for your blood sugar and heart. In addition, you can add health-promoting spices and even fruits and vegetables. Trust me. Some of the pancake recipes I’ve designed include all things from pumpkin pie to blueberries and coconut. Delicious! 😋👌

Don’t just take my word for it. See for yourself and try this one...

The Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss

Still missing cereal?

Want something super quick you can just pour into a bowl, AND still be healthy? Why not make your own. Here’s one you can prepare and store in an airtight container for those times you just need something quick and easy.

The Best Breakfasts for Weight Loss

As you can see, the best breakfasts for weight loss (and health) are primarily about getting as many vegetables into your diet as possible. All of these breakfast options, eaten at whatever time of the day you do breakfast, contain lots of veggies and ingredients that help to fill you up. They are nutrient-dense, meaning they not only fill you up like protein, fat and carbohydrate does, but deliver all the essential vitamins and minerals your cells need to function at their best. This will help you to feel full for longer, burn unwanted body fat and have loads more energy.

What is your breakfast routine? 

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