Posted on 19 February, 2018

The DNA Diet

By Jacob Andreae in Nutrition, Technology, Health The DNA Diet

Could your DNA actually determine what type of foods you should and shouldn’t eat? Could it be that your genes make it harder for you to lose weight, even though you’re doing everything right and eating healthy? The new field of nutrigenomics could show that it does. And the DNA diet might just have the scientific research that the Blood Type Diet lacks.

When researching for this article, I became fascinated by this futuristic-type science. By simply taking a swap of your mouth and sending it to a lab, within a week or two, you can know exactly what foods to eat or avoid specifically for your DNA. Sounds too good to be true! I was full of excitement and anticipation.

...almost my expectation, and certainly disappointment, I learned that DNA testing just isn’t at a level yet where we can predict our perfect diet.

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But before I raced off to buy my kit, which I very nearly did, I checked online for some reviews on where DNA testing is at. DNA testing has come a long way. I love crime shows and I’m fascinated by how far DNA testing has come in crime and investigation to nail a killer. However, to almost my expectation, and certainly disappointment, I learned that DNA testing just isn’t at a level yet where we can predict our perfect diet.

Surprisingly however, the quality of some of the DNA testing kits online can in fact provide a quite accurate and comprehensive overview of your health. Of course, as with anything online, some products are very good and some are a mere waste of money.

While the science might not be at the point of predicting your ideal diet just yet, online DNA tests can predict your risk for diseases such as diabetes and obesity, as well as tell if you’re intolerant to certain foods such as gluten or dairy.

Sounds pretty much like it’s predicting your ideal diet though, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not actually predicting what your ideal diet looks like, but you can ascertain what your ideal diet will look like from the sorts of diseases you’re at risk of and foods you’re intolerant to.

Predicting your intolerance to food can be done much more cheaply. Simply pay attention. When you eat or drink something, pay attention to these three things over the following 24 hours: your belching, flatulence and defecations. If you do any of these three normal bodily functions more than usual, chances are you’re body isn’t capable of digesting those foods properly.

Paying attention to your excrements and eliminations can take time and practice. So, if you want answers fast, and you don’t mind paying, doing an online DNA test might be the right solution for you.

Either way, whether you purchase a DNA test online or not, if you want to know more about what foods to eat or avoid for your body, I recommend seeing a dietician. Purchasing a DNA test online, and commencing a new diet routine from the results, is like replacing a doctors visit for an online test and diagnosing yourself. 

In summary, it’s not possible to change your DNA. But through diet and lifestyle, it’s possible to change the way your genetic information is expressed. Eating foods your body doesn’t respond to well to can lead to disease, while eating foods that your body does respond well to can help cure disease.

Final thoughts: In the end, DNA testing is not at a level yet where we can predict our ideal diet. But the quality of kits you can purchase online can provide you with quite an accurate and comprehensive overview of your genetic makeup. From these results, you can ascertain what diseases you may be at risk of and which foods you may be intolerant to.

Question: Have you done a DNA test to determine what foods to eat or avoid? If so, how did those results impact your life? If not, what do you think after reading this article. Leave your questions and comments in the discussion section below.

[Image source: University of Toronto]

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