Posted on 15 July, 2019

What’s Your Biggest Challenge with Health & Fitness?

By Jacob Andreae in Health, Fitness, Lifestyle, Mental Clarity, Success What’s Your Biggest Challenge with Health & Fitness?

Every time I survey my audience, the same themes arise. One of the questions I always start with is, “What is your biggest challenge with health and fitness?” It’s crazy how often the answer to this question is always the same!

The reason I am always asking questions, particularly questions like this, is to help direct the content I create. It’s no good me writing and speaking about topics you’re not interested in. Plus, if I share information that actually has relevance to you, and that can directly solve a challenge that you personally experience, you are more likely to engage with it, and I can be of service.

To best serve you, it is imperative to deliver on not only what you want, but also on what you need!

Many people know what they want; however, few people actually know what they need. If I was to provide you with what you want but not what you need, you’d likely achieve your goal, but not provide a solution to your real problem.

On the other hand, if I was to provide you with what you need but not what you want, you’d have a solution to your problem, but likely feel unsatisfied, and as though I didn’t listen to you.

The best solution therefore, is to not just listen to what you want, but to intently listen to what you are really saying. The best way to do this is to ask questions. But not just any questions. You need to ask targeted questions that help to provide clarity.

So, in order to help provide you with exactly what you want and need, what is your biggest challenge, right now, with health and fitness?

Send me an email to [email protected] with your answer to that question and I’ll let you know the answer that 95% of my audience responds with. Are you in the 95%?

In recent years I’ve had the good fortune of being able to follow my dream, and that’s to get paid to write and speak about health and fitness. I recently hosted a seminar titled, “How to Get on Track with your Health and Fitness Goals” at a local organic farmers market — Malak Marketplace.

I recorded the seminar and it is now available on my YouTube channel, which I call JacobTV. The next few articles of my blog will be dedicated to this video and expanding on the information that I shared there.

View the video and subscribe to JacobTV here.

What is your biggest challenge right now with health and fitness? 

Leave your answer to that question in the comments section below 👇🏼

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About Jacob Andreae

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