Posted on 29 April, 2019

Where Did I Go? My Brutally Vulnerable Confession to You

By Jacob Andreae in Lifestyle, Family, Personal, Relationships Where Did I Go? My Brutally Vulnerable Confession to You

I feel like I have some explaining to do. You could be forgiven for wondering where the heck I've been and what the heck I’ve been doing. To be honest, I’ve been like a lonely meerkat popping up out of a hole here and there repeating the phrase “Steve… Steve, Alan... Alan”.

The last time I wrote an article for my blog was over 2 months ago. I was already finding it hard to keep up with the blogs on top of everything else I had going on — namely my local fitness classes. But then my marriage hit the skids, like a Mac truck locking up all 24 tyres, and it careered into a wall.

You can get by showing up at less than 100 per cent in the areas of your life, but drop that back to under 50 per cent, and you’ve got issues.

Everything that I was working hard at maintaining, all of a sudden became too much. I lost my motivation. I lost my desire. I didn’t care about many things any more. For me, all I cared about was saving my marriage.

Now, I’ve written about this before. On the 20th November 2017, I wrote about a similar thing.

I’m not sharing this with you to be over vulnerable or to attract sympathy. I’ve thought long and hard about this article and for much of it, I’d decided not to write this, or share my personal life on social media.

But I feel like, in order to for me to be genuine, I need to. And that’s the true essence of a blog, isn’t it?! To share some of your personal life.

Yes, this is meant to be a professional health, fitness and wellness blog, but let’s be honest, you can get most of this information anywhere on the internet if you searched hard enough.

You’re here because you relate to me and like the way I go about it. So it’s my responsibility to be a little bit vulnerable and share my personal triumphs and tragedies with you.

So where did I go? What did I do? Well, initially, I was going to combine my online business with my local studio. I dived right in to my local fitness classes and started focussing on building them up. And it was great!

I even piloted my first ever health retreat.

I only had one person sign up — one of my awesome members from my local fitness group, Kristy. Even though it was only one person, I made the decision to make it the BEST EVER experience for her. And I think she liked it.

Here’s a photo of us enjoying the retreat in Bali. Holly (my wife) came with us and brought one of her Tupperware ladies too.

Where Did I Go? My Brutally Vulnerable Confession to You

Left to right: Holly, Kristy, Debbie & myself on our first ever health retreat in Bali.

So we’re back in Darwin now, and back into the swing of things. I’m about to sign a contract to hire a facility at the Gardens Tennis Centre to run my local fitness classes out of. I’m so super-excited and pumped to be hiring my first facility!

And as for Holly and I?…

Well, we seperated in February and have been living together in separate rooms, under the same roof, co-parenting ever-since. It is my absolute desire that we work things out and get back together.

Life is hard some times. Scratch that. Life is hard a lot of the time. We all have things going on. We just wouldn’t know what trials and tribulations others have going on most of the time.

Holly and I are doing well. We’re working on our friendship and being really good mates. There’s always an opportunity for personal development in every situation. And this is as-good-an-opportunity as any.

Although not ideal in my book, life is good. 

So now I'm back -- back to blog each and every week, and I'm looking forward to connecting with you!

If you’re struggling with anything in your life, literally anything; I want you to know that I am here for you! Reply to this email, drop me a line, and tell me about it. I’ll be on the other end and I WILL reply.

Jacob xx

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