Posted on 26 October, 2015

Why Didn’t You Submit That Job Application?

By Jacob Andreae in Success Why Didn’t You Submit That Job Application?

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For all the jobs and positions I've applied for in my life, I’ve been unsuccessful more times than I’ve been successful. It’s dented my confidence, halted my progress, and caused me to reflect on my life path.

You might have all the experience necessary and be the perfect fit, but you don’t apply; why?

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Your subconscious mind is a problem solving machine and it’ll find answers to the questions you ask, regardless of the quality of those questions. It’s always searching for meaning in every situation. The meaning you give to an outcome and the questions you ask yourself after an unsuccessful job application, have a profound impact on your future behaviours.

There are plenty of legitimate reasons why you might not apply for a job. You legitimately might not have the specific knowledge, skills, or experience, and that’s ok. However, there’s plenty of unjustifiable reasons why you might not apply for a job. You might have all the experience necessary and be the perfect fit, but you don’t apply; why?

The number one reason for unjustifiably holding back your application is beliefs. You’ve created the belief that you can’t do the job, shouldn’t do the job, or won’t even be successful at winning the job. The way beliefs evolve can be classified as: 

  • Indirect. What you learned to be true from your parents. The things your parents did regarding their careers and the things they said to you about what you're capable of.
  • Direct. What you’ve experienced yourself. Your past experiences with job applications influence the probability of applying for future jobs and the success of those applications. 

For previous, and any future, unsuccessful job applications, follow these strategies to enhance your confidence and strengthen the probability of submitting a successful job application in the future. 

Overcome An Unsuccessful Job Application: 

  1.  Ask better questions. Ask yourself questions that will lead to positive answers. A poor question is, “Why does this always happen to me?” A better question is, “What does this make possible?” 
  2. Be more supportive. Support yourself better by giving meaning to situations that benefit you. A poor explanation of an unsuccessful outcome is, ‘I was unsuccessful because I’m not smart enough’. A better explanation is, ‘This wasn’t the right position for me’. 
  3. Know you’re in the right place. You are exactly where you need to be in your life right now. Have faith in yourself and believe that all will work out for the best.

Your beliefs serve as predictions for the future. You develop beliefs about the way the world works and what to expect based on indirect and direct experiences. Create more opportunities by asking better questions, making better explanations and knowing that for every outcome, you’re exactly where you need to be for that phase of your life.

How do you sustain your confidence after being unsuccessful with a job application? 

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